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Our Experience

Trusted by global brands in retail, finance, media, telecom & manufacturing.

Since its inception in 2014, Datatonic have been working with multiple of Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 companies across sectors, both in U.K. and Europe. We pride ourselves in working with clients who realise the power and need for innovation, and who have the vision and bravery to disrupt. We prefer to work in a way that is nimble and pragmatic, and we are focused on creating value for our clients.

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Our Process

We solve big problems and innovate whilst doing so. Our process is comprehensive and exceedingly effective.

  • Discover

    During the Discover phase, we work with your team to identify specific opportunities for extracting value from your data. We do this by guiding you through a series of questions, by challenging your internal assumptions around what’s possible, and through in-depth exploration of your enterprise processes. The outcome is a set of quantified opportunities to extract value from your data. These engagements are typically cross-functional workshop-style interactions where we work together with your business teams and data science department.

  • Prototype

    Our Prototype projects are 2-6 week engagements during which we create a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) proving (or disproving) a hypothesis based on your data. We work together with a focus on learning and iterate very quickly. We might want to develop an MVP showing that Machine Learning techniques could deliver significantly better results than your existing algorithms. Or, we design a pipeline allowing for 10x faster processing, allowing real-time applications. The outcomes are a tangible learnings of how advanced data engineering or machine learning techniques could transform your business.

  • Deploy

    “Deploy” projects focus on delivering high-quality, enterprise-level big data or machine learning applications that run in the production environment and transform the way your business works. We are capable of designing and delivering advanced data pipelines leveraging Open Source technologies and Google Cloud Platform features. We deliver cloud-based, state-of-the-art systems that are scalable and future proof. Leveraging Google Cloud Platform technologies avoids high capital expenditure whilst keeping operational costs in line with your business needs (pay-as-you-go). We can build blazing-fast dashboards built using best practices in data visualisation that will not only deliver insights when you need them, but will look beautiful.

  • Optimise

    In “Optimise” projects, we engage with clients who have existing cloud-based data pipelines or machine learning models, but where opportunities exist to significantly improve the delivery or accuracy of the results. We work with you to identify the gaps and bottle-necks in your architecture, and suggest and implement actions to remediate. This may happen through architectural changes, introducing new technologies, or re-writing (parts of your) delivery model.

Our Partners

Our technology partnerships give you trusted access to state-of-the-art technology.

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    Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform is our cloud technology platform of choice. A Premium partner since 2014, we have been on the cloud journey with Google since the early days. In 2016 our leadership in this space was recognised by Google when we received the Bronze Cloud Service Partner of the year award, putting us in the global top 3.

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    Looker has been at the forefront of visualisation and Business Intelligence technology since 2011, and we are proud to announce our formal partnership with them since 2017. Looker technology offers amazing flexibility and re-usability for your BI and data visualization needs, and we are committed to contributing to the Looker ecosystem. You can engage us for Looker Jumpstarts, or we can implement Looker technology in your business.

Work with Us

Now hiring: Exceptional Talent

We are always looking for awesome data engineers, wonderful data scientists, machine learning / AI adepts, and visualisation ninjas. We’d love to learn from your experience and share ours. Come and have a chat with us at our offices in Canary Wharf, or meet us at one of the meet-ups we organize on a regular basis.

Our Insights

Read our insights on data science, analytics and machine learning.

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